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a -- so a maintenance man could check the residence. it appears dorner entered and locked the door behind him. our deputies knocked on the door and did not get an answer and in hind sight it's problgly a good thing he did not answer based on actions before and after that event. when the family returned, they thought it was odd the door was locked but they went in. assuming that maybe the man locked the door. when they went in they were confronted by christopher dorner who tied them up. the family were heroes and able to get out and call us as soon as they possibly could and report the vehicle had been stolen and give us a description and that it was stolen by christopher dorner. our deputies man looking throughout the big bear area for that vehicle. and information was received
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there may be a vehicle similar in color and description southbound on highway 38. deputies continued to move into that direction and we saved call from the victim of the vehicle car jacked on glass road explaining to us his vehicle had been car jacked by christopher dorner. our deputy add rifed in that area found the vehicle, and the cabin. our deputy stopped in front of the cabin not knowing christopher dorner was inside. they were formulating a plan how to look for him, noticed shoe prints in the snow leading towards that cabin. before our deputies could finalize the plan they were ambushed by christopher dorner. he began firing at them and both fsers went down, responding officers arrived
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and actually went through a hail of gunfire to rescue two injured sheriffs. the s.w.a.t. team started to arrive at that location as they arrived they put together a plan and i'm going to have captain herbert to give you a little bit more information as to their -- their practice and what they did when they arrived. >> when our first s.w.a.t. deputy add arrived on the scene they observed the detective mckay and deputy olins laying in the road in the open. first five officers formed a plan they knew they needed to rescue downed officers so they exchanged gunfire with the suspect in the cabin, trying to push him back so he couldn't keep shooting they deployed smoke to put a smoke screen up to block the suspect's view of where deputies were on the ground. and they race the out while
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still open fire, they managed to drag both injured officers back to cover. >> we're going to keep monitoring this news conference to.?tpe the take away is christopher dorner's remains have been identified so this is just a wrap up news conference. we don't know the cause of the fire. and whether deputies start that had. >> they said they put devices to scare him out and perhaps they're going to address that in a little bit more detail. they're giving us more detail btz manhunt of him in these final hours. >> we'll bring it to you later at 5:00. >> we want to take you back to our top story immediateorite explosion over russia. >> came out of nowhere. blinding light streaking across the sky, and then... shock wave.
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the blast shattering windows and knocking down a wall. witnesses thought they were under attack. they're bombing this man says, and on the streets, chaos. scientists say this was the biggest meteor in over a century, 7700 tons much of it burned upaq!añ but flagments slammed into the ground and smashed into a lake. >> it's no small he skprent shows you the destructive nature of the objects. >> what nasa says it was not was part of this asteroid. it buzzed clo to earth today. 100 tons races towards earth every day. national safety counsel estimates you're twice as likely to be struck by lightning than hit by an asteroid but three times more likely than being injured by fire works.
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20,000 troops have been sent to help residents. those people are spending a night without windows temperatures in that part of russia are well below zero tonight. >> a giant asteroid talking about has nothing to do with the meteor that hit russia. that one hurled past earth today just before 11:30 our time. astroners used binoculars to watch the point of light speeding across the sky. >> breaking news in antioch. sky 7 caught the scene of what we believe is a shooting in a gas station or perhaps a burger king restaurant near dear valley high school. a person has been handcuffed after the scene. the investigation station has been roped off. the call came in as a shooting at burger king. police have not told fuss anyone was injured in this shooting. >> the contra costa county coroner identified a
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14-year-old girl who died after being struck by a car last night as she was crossing the road just after 6:30. there is now a memorial at the scene of the dent at hill crest avenue and hidden glenn drive. neighbors say the intersection is dangerous. >> reduce the speed. they're speeding up and down and it is a problem. it's a problem. >> the driver stopped and is cooperating with police. an investigation is continuing. neighbors plan to start a petition asking the question to -- city to lower the speed limit there. >> aú.t concordew.[ teen fightso recover from injuries he suffered on monday. >> the 14-year-old was hit in this crosswalk on his way to basketball practice monday. doctors placed anymore a6cfna. today she's still in icu but
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opened his iz for the first time. he has been in childrens hospital since being hit by a car on monday. these pictures given to abc 7 news by his mother, saying his son has a long way to go before he's playing the game he loves. sky 7 was at the intersection. his mother tells me he is still sedated to limit movement but now, he's showing signs of improvement sooner than expected. >> he responds to my voice and opened his eyes asked if he knew where he was. he slugd his shoulders. >> police say the driver stopped and coop yait qd investigators. this afternoon, the team will play a final game and his mother plans to be there. coming up at 5:00 stat activityics obtained by abc 7 about the number of accidents
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at this intersection. >> bart police say this man is the main subject of a innocent bystander. police say the woman is wanted for questioning in that shooting and believed to be with bennett. that occurred on january 19th when two groups began shooting at eve other two. innocent buy standards were hit. >> new at 4:00 we're learning of additional charges against a man accused of threatening leelandy. he made a court appearance just hours ago. >> david lieu gee live outside of the santa clara home with the latest. david? >> now in santa clairea, investigators from patrol and other agencies are in their 4th day sifting through a large amount of materials in and around the home of everett bashham here on humbolt avenue.
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he appeared this afternoon wearing a jail-issued jump suit facing 10 counts for possessing destructive deskprisz materials to make those devices plus making a threat against the life of state senator leelandy in an e mail over efforts to lighten laws on assault weapons. the reports and other documents have been sealed by the court. the district attorney says that is because the zbaigs ongoing. the prosecutor was able to detail charges against bashham. >> charged with three assault weapons, chr illegal. in addition to that, charged with two counts of forgery of a government id and two counts of possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle. >> there is. >> if you shake it up, it's
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what we're working with. part profit ses is making the residents safe. the other part going to be putting puzzles together. >> they analyzed at every substance they found. they did get mail delivery today on humbolt avenue. the search may continue over the weekend. everett bashham will appear in court on thursday of next week. the deputy district attorney asking for no bail or very high bail because of the potential threat to public safety. if convictsed he could spend up to 12 years and eight who months in prison. >> thank you. >> happening now in marin county, lng lines officials make good on vouchers in its
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gun buy back program. >> people waisting to redeem ious that is when they ran out of cash because pechl showed up to turn in guns and rifles for cash. authorities had to do major fund raising to come up with more than $50,000 that on top of the $43,000 they'd paid out. >> twice came from private contributions ,k-vñjeñ the county. another third raised going to our board of supervisors and city councils. >> about 800 firearms were selected and have been memted down for scrap metel. >> incredibly warm out there. >> yes. nice and sunny. we have a look at the weekend forecast. >> with weather and now going into the weekend it's hard to believe it's not string but it's not, yet.
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cloud-free sky, sunshine and mild ash around the bay area, 70 degrees now in san francisco. 72 across the bay and oakland.[' around the bay area, mild, mild. continuing into evening ours. into morning hours we'll see high clouds moving over. it will be cool and by mid afternoon, temperatures from low to mid-60s on coast to around 70s or just above. changes are on the way and they're not too far off in the distant future. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a few minute autos still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 why a luxury retailer is taking costco to court. and new, after 4:30... >> sheriff's department spent
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a lot of dough on a rescue truck that is on its way. not everyone is happy about that. we'll explain coming up. >> >> michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook. you can contact michael at finney abc 7 and on twitter at m finney. >> taking a look at traffic right now, san francisco skyway pretty heavy. for those drivers trying to make their way east across the bay bridge. but smoother for those heading south and beyond. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues abc 7 news at 4:00 continues well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time.
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in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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in oakland the s.w.a.t. team surrounded a building where a shooting suspect is holed up the woman is wanted for the shooting of an oakland man. we have a neighbor in the area on the phone with us now. abby, we understand you work across the street from this department? >> yes. i have a business directly across the street. ron's muffler service we've served quite a few police officers at about 12:30 today. and the apartment complex is directly across from our shop. to so we've had this view. >> what have police told you at this point? >> the police aren't saying much of anything but every time that they kind of go over their loud speaker and they
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asked a person to come with their hands up, we can hear everything they're saying over the loud speaker. they've walked everybody off the streets. police dogs and the s.w.a.t. team is there now. the sharp shooters just showed up+$fz minutesing agrow -- minus ago. it seems to be the apartment complex, someone barricaded themselves in and they're trying to get them out. >> so you're not allowed to leave your business it sounds like. >> no. no. we have customer cars in here we have worked on today. and they can't pick their cars l they can't come in. to get them. they have everything taped off from alcatras to fair view. and we're on the corner of 65th and shaddock.
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nobody can get in here. >> thank you for good information you've provided again there is a police standoff going on now in oakland police believe they have an armed suspect in that >> right now let's turn our attention to beautiful weather out there. >> it's gorgeous. 70 degrees in san francisco. we don't often get that in a summer. i'm getting used to this weather. bad news, dispatting news is thatídt q this will be winding down. what a gorgeous sky it s sunshine and lots of blue skies ahead -- above. mild everywhere. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. absence of clouds let's get down to business. sunny skies and mild again
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tomorrow, cooling beginning on sunday. and rain on tuesday. so you can see our weather pattern is going to be changing rather quickly and rather soon. high pressure beginning to build and shift where it's building and shifting eastward. it's going to make room and one subtle change will be thin high clouds moving up from the south tomorrow that. won't keep frus having a mild day this, is the big weather changer for us. a cold storm bringing a drop in temperatures. upper 30s and mainly mid-40s for around the bay ask mid to upper 40s to near 450 other dazzling day. sunny skies high temperatures just above 70 degrees on the
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pin anyone slarks highs from upper 60s to with about 70s in mountain view. mid to upper 60s on the coast. mild, 65 in the sunset district. up in the north bay, 68 in santa rosa. east bay, 69 in oakland. 70 castro valley. highs near 70 degrees in all locations. nearñ?ímy monterey bay, 73 in salinas. here is the accu-weather here is the accu-weather forecast.q cool down sunday and pleasant cooler still on monday. it's president's i day with clouds in the sky. cold system arrives overnight into tuesday. tuesday going to be a wet day, rain, showers, then unsettled weather for the week. >> thank you spencer. >> yes for now. right? >> we still have the weekend. >> yes. yes. >> up next star wars news.
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the actor making a come back in a new trilgology in a galaxy far, far away. >> a special delivery for a mother that couldn't wait for snow plows. what her husband
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tiff fanny and company is suing costco claiming it sold
4:24 pm
falsely labeled jewelry labeled as tiffanny jewelry saying customers informed them she was disappointed she saw tiff fanny rings in a costco store in huntington beach. >> to star wars fans there is only one han solo. ' agreed to play the figure in star wars 7. the 70-year-old and not confirmed anything other than directing the movie. disney announced it's working on three stand alone star wars movies in addition to the already-announced trilology. >> passengers from the carnival triumph are heading home. >> in mobile, alabama, passengers tell us what
4:25 pm
they're going to do high. >> the white house ceremony as the president honored brave citizens. >> what will happen if the government approves automatic spending cuts. how you'll be affected.
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the first lawsuit has been filed over what happened on the crippled carnival cruise ship. a fire in the engine room left thousands in miserable conditions for days. in the complaint a texas resident described her days on boat as living in a quote floating toilet. this was the reaction as passengers were finally chris kising the ground in mobile, alabama but some suffered yet another set back on their way home. one bus broke down. abc lindsay janice is in mobile, alabama where that cruise ship is now docked. >> this giant sewer on the sea is finally docked but it's owners have serious explaining to do. traumatized passengers say they've heard stories about previous troubles on the triumph and they want answers. like why was the ship deemed sea worthy? it was incompetence to the level i've never seen. >> why did carnival wait 10
4:29 pm
hours to call for help? >> they discharge nod boats no, rescue, nothing to us and sent a bathtub toy to pull a ship. >> after a bus trip to texas horrors of eight days were still fresh. >> disgusting. >> no power no, toilets. at times, no water, we were just living in filth. >> now, some fuming customers say compensation being offered san insult. >> i know what i went through out here, $500 doesn't touch that or a free cruise or a discounted cruise or an additional cruise there is no money that could repay me for the horror and the scaredness very been through. >> some say they'll seek legal action and others are moving on. >> i feel carnival you know did an effort to make sure we're taken care of. i will be on on carnival ship autos lawyers say carnival
4:30 pm
should brace for lawsuits saying a lot will depend on what passengers signed when signing tickets but people had to spend days going to the bathroom in one of these are unlikely to give up without answers. >> and and after being stuck on the carnival triumph. >> the family waited to hear the news, julie took the cruise toh!ved celebrate her sister's 40th birthday sending pictures of the dining room where she had to sleep after sewer water flooded the bedroom. her husband says julie remains upbeat. >> i think it's going to be like coming back from a camping trip. shower and find a hot meal. her. >> julie is flying home from new orleans today and should
4:31 pm
be back tonight or early tomorrow. >> well, coming up at 5:00 this may be a good time to book a vacation on a cruise line. how the industry is trying to recover from the triumph's disaster at sea. tonight a look at what went wrongdoering the miserable eight day trip aboard the triumph, troubled waters is the topic of the 2020 at 10:00 here on abc 7. >> olympic track star has been charged with murdering his girlfriend. the double amputee who runs on court. the story bowed his head andu'i sobbed. his girlfriend was shot and killed inside of his home. prosecutors say they plan to pursue a premeditated murder charge. his family disputes the charge. >> president obama bestowed the nation's second highest
4:32 pm
civilian honor today on 12 americans including six adults killed in the newtown school massacre. presenting it to family members of those killed at sandy hook elementary school. the president hailed the six as heroes. >> they had no idea evil was with strike. what it did, they could have taken shelter them selfs and focused on their own safety and well being but they didn't. they gave heir lives to protect the precious children in their care. >> among those receiving the medal was a pediatrician who developed a leading behavioral test for newborns. the medal was established in 1969 to recognize american who's performed deeds of service for their country or fellow citizens. >> the so-called sequester is looming and it looks like congress won't able to stop it. the cuts due to kick in on march 1.
4:33 pm
abc 7 news is inqgç the newm now. >> as you say we have until the end of the month but house republicans just voted to take a recess.ghgtq something done, cuts are going to be felt. do you think lines are long now? wait until the cuts force the tsa to furlough inspectors. the agency warning it could take another hour. >> i just think our politicians need to figure out what they're doing. >> the department of homeland security says it could cost 5,000 agents their jobs. and 70,000 children could be kicked out of head start programs and in ucsf it means $28 million cut from money received from national institutes of health.
4:34 pm
>> money has been held qg71 it and will be withheld longer fit happens. >> never theless some conservative lawmakers are cheering on the cuts. >> not only should the sequester stand, many say it's far short that we need $4 trillion in cuts. >> house speaker john boehner blames the president. >> it's there because the president insist that had it be there. >> today nancy pelosi and democrats pushed back against assertions claiming the republicans. >> the republicans poised to shut down government and let seek quest traigs go forward which is, do you know what that means? what it means to american people is unemployment. >> the budget office will cross the country. three quarters of a million jobs.
4:35 pm
coming up at 6:00 looking at the scientific programs at ucsf that will not be funded if cuts go into affect and the question of whose idea this was, well, john boehner is right. the obama white house first proposed it in the middle of the 2011 debt ceiling battle intended to pressure congress. it was not the president's idea to have cuts take place. >> thank you, mark.!qi >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 mom to be wasn't the only one in labor. during the blizzard her wild winter ride is ahead. >> spencer christian watch out. see why video of the north dakota boy is going viral. >> i better be good at the next appearance. a view from our camera looking towards mount diablo. the accu-weather forecast is coming up.
4:36 pm
>> today, i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook you can contact me on finney abc 7 and on twitter, i'll answer questions here live a $ >> another live check of the friday afternoon commute this, is in walnut creek. traffic is on 680 northbound. it looks like it's moving well and better southbound heading towards danville. stay with us. more still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00.
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/]9 a virginia couple had a valentine's day of a lifetime yesterday that did not involve flowers or chocolates or dinner. dave and nancy honeywell picked up a check for $217 million. happy valentine's day. they hit all six power ball numbers. he bought the ticket on a whim the at richmond international airport while heading out of town. days after the drawing he remembered i got to check the numbers. >> i said must be the wrong date. i checked dates i'm like this can't be. i'm shaking at that point. i can barely read the ticket, just shaking and shaking. >> dave and nancy will spend part of the money on the grandson who needs surgery for a heart problem and plan to splurge a little bit on themselves by buying a new car. they can buy a lot more than that. >> need a bigger car for the
4:40 pm
check. >> when it comes to delivering a baby a connecticut couple did it the hard way. take a look. james wood got friends to tell pul his wife through deep snow and that was the only way to get her to the hospital. they didn't have tim to wait for a snow plow she was in labor. james says waits not easy. >> i was out of breath while i was pulling her. and i was just hoping that i didn't pass out on the journey. because it was not easy. >> not to mention the stress, it took them 40 minutes to a waiting car. they were going down hill. shortly after arriving at the hospital laurie gave birth to little james junior, healthy, seven pounds, 10 ounce snow baby. >> they vai great story to tell. >> don't they? >> you've gained weight. >> yes.
4:41 pm
those guys are struggling. speaking of weather a 9-year-old north dakota boy has become a forecasting sensation. >> that is the talk of fargo and now, the nation. he was such a hit the situation invited him back. he's comfortable in front of the camera and he is not afraid to make some gigantic gestures. he's natural. >> i -- my intelligence level just skyrocketed. >> this is great. thank you audience for such a great time!h,(÷ >> william has 800,000 hits on you tube so far he's a big man
4:42 pm
on campus, named student of the week and received more than his usual share of valentine autos he brings6sew a level of enthusiasm i'm not accustomed to seeing. >> the kid is amazing! that is yi work alone. no kids or pets. >> yes. >> here is a look at what isñúh. an absence of clouds in the bay area, sunny skies little william would have been able to point out. taking a look at three day weekend weatherqd $ in tahoe, sunny skies, partly cloudy monday, president's day, mild weather through the period, no snow, snow along the slopes already but no snow falling from the sky next three days. back to california tomorrow, top to bottom, high temperatures in the 70s in most locations we're going to have mild weather here again
4:43 pm
in the bay area. we'll have sunny skies tomorrow. thin, high clouds moving through the bay area skies into early morning hours. by afternoon, sunny skies and high temperatures into upper 60s to low 70s much like today. it will be cooler next week things get unsettled rain comes, all kinds÷>íí of winter like stuff. >> you hear about it from some kid. >> probably. >> yes. >> coming up dogs are often called man's best friend. retriever. >> i'm michael finney what. do you do if you're looking to buy your first home but credit isn't great? are banks looking at credit are banks looking at credit scorinsosoe en payments?cohaati ilyel y s luloonge iuronirplin ocdiou
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r om
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dogs have been known to do remarkable things to help owners but a 2-year-old may have topped them all.
4:47 pm
19-year-old ricky hatfield says his dog began acting strangely. it escalate whed did something never done before, head butted hatfield in the groin. >> head down. and hit me in the backed off. óu !fj and... the lady said it looked like a mask. >> that map turned out to be stage two cancer. hatfield says he never noticed it and believes the dog was.y+nx trying to warn him. turns out he started feeling run down about the same time maverick began acting strangely. ricky hatfield is a believer. his doctors expect him to make a full recovery. >> it's remarkable. >> michael finney is here answering questions you sent him through facebook and e
4:48 pm
mail. my husband and i want to buy a home soon but cred jit not amazing. would it make sense to save up for a down payment or pay off credit cards? which are banks looking at more? >> this is a fabulous time to do this. if you want an fha loan you need a down payment of 3%. other loans you'll need 10%, if trying to refinance you're looking at 20% or 25%. now whit comes to your debt what they're looking for is over all debt no more than 3530% of what you potentially could borrow. 30% of each individual card now i don't want to you do anything yet. i want you to get together with a loan broker or your local bank and talk to the
4:49 pm
lender about what they want to see. the package has to be acceptable to those that want to have a mortgage. >> we've got this one from evea. she asks is ampm allowed to charge a fee when using their card promo? >> okay. here is the deal. they're aaallowed to do anything they want if they send you a coupon it needs to say cup fee applies so they can do whatever they wish. >> okay. cigarett$@@l asked my computer display went blank last week. it's about a year, five months old. store demanding $550 to replace the panel. shouldn't the company stand behind prot duct? >> i recommend there is no recommendation them did stand behind it for 90 days or one
4:50 pm
year past that there is no legal obligation and have you no legal recourse. you can complain make sure you're factual f not, you can be sued. >> coming up next, a picturesque view of marin county gets a piece of military machinery we're used to seeing in war zones. why the sheriff says it's a necessity. >> hi there, i'm dan ashley. coming up at 5:00 how much of a hit will the cruise industry take from the saga at snae travel experts will weigh in on whether this might be a good time.7+n are there deals out there? facebook announces it's hacked by experts. was any of your private information or maybe exchanges with your friends exposed? those stories and mer coming up at 5:00 but the news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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sheriff's department buying an armored vehicle for
4:54 pm
use from everything from terrorism to sniper autos is it a wise use of homeland security funding or a waste of money? not everyone agrees. >> bear cat g 3 vehicle from lenco armored vehicles can sustain blasts but can it take an assault from residents opposed to spending $370,000 cost to buy it? >> i don't think we need it critics think the purchase is overkill in a county where there has never been a roadside bomb. they think the money could be put to better use but the sheriff says not a dime of the general fund money sk used. and as for need... >> this could be used region wide we know that the golden gate bridge are targets for
4:55 pm
terrorism. in this instance we have this now. >> the board of supervisors president says marin will join 66 other county was similar vehicles in august, 2011 a sniper in a hotel caused the freeway to be closed 18 hours. arnold think that's might have ended sooner if they had had the bear cat. it and would be helpful in the shootings. >> aroara, colorado and newtown connecticut were sleepy suburbs, too. nothing happened so you never know. >> this attorney's office is near the civic center. he and his wife were marin residents. he see nose problem with the purchase. >> there is plenty of money in om homeland security. >> the truck should be delivered in a matter ofz&"
4:56 pm
months. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> the news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you a violent home invasion in the bay area. intruders use aid hatchet to to carry out crimes. >> a cosmic occurrence that hit with the force of a dozen nuclear bombs. >> i'm abc 7 news sandhya patel. it's warm up here. but that is all about to change. winter is making a return. the holiday forecast is coming up. >> breaking news continues in oakland a standoff is underway nearly four hours after a shooting today. sky 7 is over the scene at
4:57 pm
shaddock avenue on the oakland berkeley border. >> police say a man was shot but survived his wounds. he apparently knew the person accused of shooting him and told them where to find the woman. she's barricaded inside of an apartment. >> an army of law enforcement is surrounding the building. we'll have more information as soon as we get it. up and dates on abc 7 zabc 7 newsfñv/÷ bay area. good evening, i'm cheryl jengs. >> a home invasion robbery with a hatch yet it nap happened in noe valley where that kind of crime is not suspected. >> thisn is unbelievable. >> people are shocked that this could happen with a neighborhood watch in place. san francisco police calling this a home invasion, some neighbors think the victim knew the three ahackers.
4:58 pm
>> he let them in. there was no forced enry. >> the safe neighborhood coordinator says he's known the victim who lived in this house mer than 25 years he had eastbound encounter was other house guests who have threatened and hurt him this, is not an isolated incident. >> san francisco police are calling the incident that happened a home÷÷ñ invasion robbery. police say three men broke 69-year-old residents while he slept with a hatchet, then, his roommate. >> the victim was tacked by the suspects. the victim had no time to react and to defend himself. the second victim coming home walking into a home invasion in progress was viciously e?&cnut8:jnñ for attack differ from the police reports to what neighbors experienced in the victim's home. this neighbor says the
4:59 pm
neighborhood is closely guarded. >> i'm stunned because you just don't anticipate that this could happen in our block. i don't know what to make of it. it just seems out of the ordinary. >> police tell us the victims are hospital yiszed with nonlife threatening wounds. the attackers description is who two appeared hispanic and all three dressed in dark clothing. >> thank you. the contra cost why county coroner now identified a 14-year-old girl who died after she was hit by a car last night. she was from antioch. this happened as she was crossing the road. neighbors say the intersection is dangerous. >> it drive like it's a highway.

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